Grange Academy 

Pupil Council

Each register group in S1 - S6 appoints a pupil member to represent them on the Pupil Council.  This allows pupils to play an active role in decision making in the school.  A recent pupil-led initiative was the design of a new school uniform.  

Recent topics of discussion have included:-

  • Canteen Facilities
  • School Uniform &
  • Toilet Facilities

Junior Pupil Council

We are the Junior Pupil Council, and it’s our job to represent S1-3 pupils in Grange Academy, and join with others in the school community in working towards making our school the best it can be.

We have a really important role in supporting the rights of young people, as promised in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, which says that all children must grow as healthy as possible, learn at school, be protected, have their views listened to, and be treated fairly.

We are committed to

  • helping our fellow pupils to be aware of their rights (Article 42)

  • listening to - and making sure adults listen to - the views of young people (Article 12)

  • promoting information that is important to the wellbeing of our fellow pupils (Article 17)

  • finding out and sharing things with our fellow pupils (Article 13)

  • We’ve recently been discussing the most significant issues that face our peers today, and have found resources which we think are helpful and want to share with you.



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Senior Pupil Council