Grange Academy 

Meetings - Dates

Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 7.00 P. M. in the school.   The next meetings are due to take place on;-

  • 6th September, Tuesday
  • 19th October, Wednesday
  • 17th November, Thursday
  • 10th January, Tuesday
  • 8th February, Wednesday
  • 9th March, Thursday
  • 25th April, Tuesday
  • 24th May, Wednesday
  • 22nd June,  Thursday

Minutes of Meetings

Latest Minute of Meetings

Latest Agenda

The National Parent Forum of Scotland Conference December 2015

Workshop Presentations


Coming to a Meeting

The Parent Council at Grange Academy provides all parents with the opportunity to provide vital feedback to the school and its staff on every aspect of the school.  Not every parent member can attend every meeting so if you have something to say please come along to the next meeting.  We would love to see you and won’t pressure you to do more than you want to!

Kindest regards

Fiona Frater Chair - Grange Academy Parent Council

The Parent Council

The Parent Council is there to represent all parents and anyone can attend the meetings.


We currently have 12 parent members and 3 co-opted members.  New members will be made most welcome. Should you require additional information. Please click on the "contact us" button at the top and fill in the form.

Parent Members
FrancesFrater (Chair)
R. Johnson  ( Headteacher)
Elizabeth Smith (Vice-Chair)
E. Crawford (DHT - Treasurer)
Frances Hewitt (Secretary)
M. MacKinnon (DHT)
Carrie McMurray

Carol Craig

Gary Johnston

Elizabeth Smith

Karen Drennan

Pamela Pedersen

Fiona Paterson

Carolyn Pooley

Alison Holland