Grange Academy 

 Opening Hours

 The school library is open Monday - Friday from 8.30 to 3.45

Our school librarian is Miss J. L. H. Reid who has worked in public and college libraries since 1984 and as a qualified professional school librarian since 1987.
Miss Reid has 5 library assistants who assist in the library before school, break and lunch time. The library assistants issue items and are happy to assist pupils in locating resources.
At the moment, Miss Reid is working with departments to roll out glow2 to the whole school.  If you require access to glow2.  Please see Miss Reid for your username and password.  Which will give you access to the office 365 cloud area to store and share information and also an email address.


The school library is situated on the first floor next to Guidance. We have a collection of over 8,000 books. Which includes study guides, graphic novels and quick reads. We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment, which encourages everyone to develop their own information literacy skills and a love of reading, whether this be paper, kindle or internet based.


Presently we have 24 PCs in total, which were up-graded in February 2015 and all have Microsoft Office 2010.  Miss Reid is happy to talk to and assist classes in retrieving and valuating paper and web based resources. She is also available to offer guidance on creating powerpoints and using publisher with pupils when required.


Miss J. Reid is a glow champion and also the Accounts & Services Manager for glow in school.  Should staff or pupils require their glow username/password or training in using this.   Please see Miss J. Reid

Booking the Library

Teachers are welcome to book the library through the booking system on staffshare and should email or phone the school librarian on extension 2154 with details of the year group and the topic. Miss J. Reid will be happy to collate books and web resources for you. 

Welcome to the School Library

Year Group
Monday - TuesdayS1 - S28.30 - 8.50Early Risers

S1 - S610.55 - 11.10Library

S1 - S6
1.20 - 1.40Library

S1 - S6
3.25 - 3.45After School

WednesdayS1 - S28.30 -8.50Early Risers

S11.20 - 1.40Reading Club

S1 - S63.25 - 3.45After School

Thursday - FridayS1 - S28.30 - 8.50Early Risers

S1 - S610.55 - 11.10Library

S1 - S6
1.20 - 1.40Library

S1 - S6
3.25 - 3.45After School