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Welcome to Grange Academy.  This website is designed to give you an insight into our school, its aims and achievements.  It will also provide you with information about the educational opportunities we offer your son or daughter.  At the heart of everything we do here at Grange is our shared belief that each young person is unique and we aim to “Get It Right for Every Child”.  We strive to nurture and support each young person in all aspects of their development - intellectual, social, physical and psychological as they grow to become the young men and women they are fully capable of being.  Each child is equally valued

as we provide them with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence, beliefs and values to meet the challenges of our ever changing world.  Through a positive classroom experience and the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available to them, we are seeking to encourage our young people to take advantage of all learning opportunities open to them. Most importantly, we want them to enjoy their learning and have the motivation and determination to succeed in their chosen path in life.  The curriculum we offer extends far beyond the walls of the classroom and we are always seeking to extend our partnerships with the wider community to enrich the learning opportunities of our young people.  We want to work in partnership with you to ensure that together we develop young people who are fully equipped to make the most of their opportunities when they enter the world beyond school.  I look forward to working closely with you over the years ahead as we endeavour to make Grange Academy an excellent school in every respect.

Regards / Dùrachdan
Robert Johnston

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Welcome Back!

Please read our "welcome back" letter from our Head Teacher.

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Pupil Council Meetings

Wimbledon Trip 2017
 After the success of last year's trip to Wimbledon, the PE Department will be running another trip to Wimbledon in 2017. If you would like more information, please collect a letter from Mr Allan in PE. The places will be filled on a first come, first served basis so be quick to avoid disappointment.

School Photographs

Individual school photographs will be taken on Monday 22/8 and Tuesday 23/8.
Pupils should go to the assembly hall at the time allocated below. Pupils will be sent back to class as soon as their photograph has been taken.

Monday 22/8
P1 A: 1B1, 1B2 
     B: 1D1, 1D2
P2 A: 1G1, 1G2,1H1
     B: 1H2,1W1,1W2
Mentor: 2B1, 2B2
P3 A: 2D1, 2D2, 2G1
     B:2G2,2H1, 2H2
P4 A: 2W1, 2W2, 3B1
     B: 3B2, 3D1, 3D2
P5 A:3G1, 3G2, 3H1
     B: 3H2,3W1,4B1
P6 A:  4B2,4D1,4D2
     B:4G1, 4G2, 4H1

Tuesday 23/8
P1 A: 4H2, 4W1
     B: 4W2, 5B1
P2 A: 5B2, 5D1, 5D2
     B: 5G1, 5G2, 5H1
Mentor : 5H2, 5W1
P3 A: 5W2, 6B, 6D
     B:6G, 6H, 6W
P4 A: S/1/2/3 GAELIC
     B: SFA/ Performance school

P5&6 is set aside for pupils who were absent on Monday or for those who just forgot!

School Uniform

The majority of our pupils make an exceptional effort in wearing full school uniform every day. These young people are to be congratulated!  Please click here for information on our school uniform.

School Show

Grange Academy is delighted to host "Les Miserables."  Please book your tickets here ASAP to avoid disappointment.

English Folio Template

Download your English folio template here!

Mentor & Carrot Rewards

Parents and pupils can now view the mentor and R. E. programmes online.  In addition, information on our new exciting mentor rewards initiative, "carrot rewards," is now available. 

Library Book Fair & S1 Author Visits

The library sold over £506 in the book fair and raised over £200 for new books. 

Outward Bound Residential Experience

Calling all S3-S5 pupils.  If you would love to try raft-building wall-climbing or abseiling.  Check out this great opportunity.


The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced a helpful introduction to the new programme of career education starting in the 2015/16 school year.


We are introducing a more convenient way to pay for school meals, trips and more, using a new secure service called ParentPay

Safety Online

For advice on your child's safety online.  Please check out this information from Police Scotland


Please see Miss Reid in the library for your glow login details.  This will provide you with a cloud area to create and save work and also email you can open in school and at home!

Library Blog

Please check out our library blog for useful weblinks and events.

Pupil Support

If you are interested in the support our school can offer your child.  Please browse our new pupil support page.


Free online learning resources suitable for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher can be found at Scholar.  Miss Reid in the library can provide a glow username & password  to access this.  Please read this parents' leaflet for further information.

Design & Technology Website

Please check out this excellent resource for additional information.


Please be advised that we do our best to keep this website as up-to-date as possible.  Should you find any discrepancies.  Please click on the contact us button at the top to advise the school of this.

Please check out our new mentor and carrot rewards pages.

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