Welcome to the Hearing Impaired Department

As an Department, we aim to make sure our pupils have access to the curriculum and that they have grasped new concepts in language which they understand, whilst at that same time offering a curriculum which is cognitively challenging.

        We provide resources and services to support Hearing Impaired pupils as we understand the issues a young person with hearing loss faces.  We offer in-class and individual  support to all of our pupils. We also appreciate the important role that parents play.  With this in mind, we have collated useful web links and documents.  Please click on useful information on the right hand side.

Should you wish additional information.  Please browse through our departmental handbook.

What's Going On

Easter Service

Every year, Hearing Impaired pupils are invited to and attend the Easter Service at Deaf Connections in Glasgow.  This encourages them to mix with their peer group and other Hearing Impaired pupils from other schools.  This year one of our pupils did a reading called "He has risen."  Which Sarah signed and spoke!  Well done.......

Annual Deaf Football Tournament

This took place on Friday, the 13th of June at RoukenGlen.  Our senior boys offered weekly training sessions to prepare our Hearing Pupils for this event.  Go Team Ayrshire!!! 

Hearing Impaired Department

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