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Exam Dates

For all SQA prelim and final exam details please click on the links below

SQA Personal Timetable Builder  

Download this app to your ipad, ipod touch or phone.  REMEMBER to check the time each exam starts at your school.  As these may vary slightly.

Grange Academy Prelim Guide January 2015

Immediately after receiving this pack:

1. Check your own individual list of subjects and levels. See Miss MacKinnon in the SMT office as soon as possible if anything seems inaccurate.

2. Check the dates and times of each of your exams. It is your responsibility to let us know immediately if you think there may be a difficulty such as exams which clash or instructions that are unclear. Please see Miss MacKinnon in the SMT office as soon as possible if you have any queries.

How do I prepare?

You have been preparing for months! The prelims are an opportunity to take a snapshot of where you are at this stage in each of your subjects and to rehearse for the final exams. Review key information; summarise, reword and reorganise your knowledge; practise terminology; rehearse with past papers. See @Grange_Academy for more detailed study tips. Work hard. Talk to your teachers about how best to prepare for their subject. Talk to your parents/carers about what you need at home in terms of space and quiet to help you study. Stay calm and focused - long hours of panicked cramming aren’t very much more useful than failing to study at all; try to find a balance somewhere in between.

On the day of an exam:

Arrive at least ten minutes before the start of each paper. Check your seat number on the posters displayed in The Street. Make sure you have all the equipment you need. Use blue or black pen rather than pencil and do not use gel pens. Do not take mobile phones or pencil cases into the exam. You may not leave the exam hall until an invigilator has collected your finished paper from your desk. See @Grange_Academy for links to the SQA’s rules about these items. Follow the instructions of the SQA invigilators at all times.

What if I have an ASN concession?

You have already met with Ms Reid to confirm your agreed concession. Make sure you have returned the signed parent letter to Ms Reid. Ms Reid will be giving you an individual note of your exam times and rooms. On the days of your exams, meet Ms Reid in the PEACE area outside the library ten minutes before the start of each paper. She will send you to the correct room with the correct supporter. Throughout the exam diet: Wear full school uniform. Your attendance at school should not dip at all during the prelim diet. If you are not in an exam, you should be in your normal class. Who should I see for help?  For advice about specific subjects: your class teacher in the first instance or the Principal Teacher of the department.  For advice about the organisation of the prelim diet (times, dates, levels etc.): Miss MacKinnon in the SMT office.  For general support and guidance about how to study: your Mentor teacher or Guidance teacher.  For advice about your ASN concession: Ms Reid in the ASN office.

Your teachers are very proud of how far you’ve come and how hard you’re working. Prepare carefully, try your best and stay calm. As the Grange Academy badge says: Bono Animo Esto - Be of Good Courage. Good luck!