Art & Design Department - Courses on Offer

Grange Academy 

What does Art & Design have to offer me?

Partcipating in the Art & Design Department will provide you with a whole range of skills which are cross transferable across the school.


  • work with ICT in our research projects.
  • problem solve in our design projects.
  • build dexterity skills in the construction of our 3D projects.
  • we make presentations and build our skills as communicators,
  • our literacy skills are increased through researching Artists and Designers,
  • our social awareness is developed through Photography as well as overlapping with scientific theories.

So please come and join us on the following courses…


S1 and S2

In S1 and S2 pupils will be offered a wide range of experiences and outcomes enabling them to create, design and build on previous prior learning.  Starting with basic drawing in S1 and progressing to more in depth projects in S2, pupils will gain confidence as learners.  Pupils are given the opportunity to try a variety of different media including printmaking, paper manipulation, drawing and painting and working in 3D.  We have recently acquired a lasercutter and pupils of all levels have the opportunity to use this exciting resource.  Our ICT suites allow pupils to access a variety of software to assist them with their class projects.  Pupils attend Core Art & Design for one period a week, with some pupils opting for an additional two periods of elective Art & Design.



Under a Broad General Education, pupils continue to develop their expressive and design skills.  To prepare for the appropriate National Qualification in S4.  Pupils attend Art & Design for either 2 or 4 periods a week.


S4 National 4 and 5 

The Art & Design National 4 and 5 course has an integrated approach to learning, and includes a mix of practical learning and knowledge and understanding.

There are two main areas: Design and Expressive.

Within each of these units learners expand upon their media handling skills, using equipment expressively in 2D or 3D.  Learners are encouraged to explore the use of technology when researching and developing ideas as creatively as possible.  Pupils are also expected to develop an understanding and appreciation of artists’ and designers’ working practices as well as develop knowledge of the cultural influences on art and design work. Pupils attend Art & Design for 5 periods each week.


Higher Art & Design

The Higher Art & Design course gives pupils the opportunity to learn a diverse range of skills and respond to the visual environment.  The course encourages pupils to develop creativity through a wide range of materials and technology.  Pupils will gain skills in the creation of two and /or three dimensional arts using a variety of materials and technologies.  This course allows learners to become creative thinkers and independent learners.  Pupils attend Art & Design for 5 periods each week.


Higher Photography

The Higher Photography course is now a well established course at GrangeAcademyNot only does it offer something a little different within Art & Design but it is  a highly transferable life skill too. Please click on photography for further information.


Advanced Higher Art & Design

Two courses are available for pupils to study at this level:

  • Design Enquiry- with Expressive Activity or Design Study
  • Expressive Enquiry – either Design Activity or Visual Arts Study